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Breaking Ground

Sprout Creatives web development studio was germinated in February 2007. The name 'Sprout’ originated from the nickname my stepfather Jack called me when I was a kid. Jack is also the person responsible for introducing me to the wonderful world of Apple Computers. I remember that glorious day in 1984 when he brought the Apple IIe in to our home. I have been an Apple geek ever since!

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Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Salisbury University, I landed a job as an entry-level graphic designer for The Maryland Coastal Dispatch in Berlin, Maryland. Two years later, I took a position with Ocean City Today newspaper and quickly became the art director. After four years I left the newspaper business to be the creative director for a start-up national hotel marketing and management company called Innteractive Hospitality, where I honed in on my web design, Internet marketing and email marketing skills. I eventually left Innteractive to pursue other challenging opportunities with the Carl M. Freeman Companies Real Estate Division. Due to the slumping real estate market and corporate cutbacks, I was laid off after only eight months of work.

With few work opportunities on the horizon in the area, I set my sights on a freelance design business - and thus, Sprout Creatives was born! I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason and I saw this as an excellent opportunity to open my own design studio that would produce quality creatives at a reasonable price. During the initial year I was lucky that my Carl Freeman colleagues loved my design talents and contracted Sprout Creatives to perform various design tasks.

Branching Out

During its first five years, Sprout Creatives has grown by leaps and bounds. In early 2010 we started offering web hosting to our website customers. In March 2011, Sprout Creatives and JQ Hospitality Solutions built a strategic partnership to provide the hospitality industry with a complete, all-in-one location for sales, marketing, and printing solutions. We offer hotels, motels, and restaurants all the sales and marketing tools they need to make their business a success - from website design and email marketing to printing rack cards and graphic design. And for our graphic design customers we now offer high quality, full-color commercial printing services.

In early 2012, we began working with Adobe to provide restaurants with a solid website platform. We researched many of the Content Management System (CMS) platforms on the market but none could compare to the functionality and stability that Adobe provides. We were able to develop custom features specifically designed to help restaurants. Later that year, we expanded by partnering with former account executive and restaurant veteran Vincent Gisriel. Sprout Creatives then incorporated under the name Sprout Group Inc. and launched a new product called Restaurant Website Platform.

What makes Restaurant Website Platform different? Simply put, we are restaurant people. So when it comes to creating, managing and advertising your website we understand your business. This company was founded with one clear mission, to provide the best website solutions for the restaurant industry.

New Horizons

In 2014, we invested in a small office in downtown Berlin Maryland. Although we never thought anyone would come see us, this has made a significant difference in the way that we communicate with our clients. We want our clients to experience a fun, creative and beneficial process with us. In the summer of 2015, we acquired the oldest web design firm in the Ocean City area, At The Beach Enterprises Inc. Our creative team has now grown to include additional web designers, content managers, creative writers, professional photographers and videographers.

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