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Our Process

Through our comprehensive consultative approach, Sprout Creatives learns about your business to establish a consistent message that represents the value of your business on the web and in print.

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  1. Discovery, research and project planning

    First, we get to know your business and it's customers. Through a series of meetings we dig into the vital essence of your business to develop an extensive understanding of what you do and what makes you unique. We listen carefully to your current and future business goals to uncover any pains or frustrations.

    Once we understand your business, we create a detailed profile of your typical customer. By identifying your customer persona(s), it helps us to understand how they think. We shine light on your surroundings by researching your competition. With this research, we plant a web or marketing strategy giving you an edge in the market over your competitors.

  2. Site map, wireframe and design development

    We provide a proposed layout of the website pages and initial homepage and subpage designs so you can get an general picture of what your website will look like.

  3. XHTML/CSS/JS template development

    This is where we get to coding your website and it's page templates. For the majority of our clients, this is the part of the project they never see. Coding, programming and developing are very exciting if you are a website developer. But for the rest of the world, it will give you an ice cream headache. We love what we do and that means you can focus on your business and not a bunch of ones and zeros.

  4. Website content implementation and improvement

    At this stage we will review your content to make sure it optimized for search engines. After which we add the SEO friendly content to your website's pages.

  5. Testing and bug fixes

    This is where is thoroughly test your website's on many devices; test contact forms and notices; and make any requested changes.

  6. Launch

    This is when we publish your website to the world. Our process is designed to generate valuable leads and increase sales to grow your business. As technology and the rules of the web change, we promise to always stay one step ahead with ongoing support and maintenance. To help you increase your harvest yield we can provide add-on services like: search engine fertilization, online reputation monitoring, professional blog writing and email marketing.

What Our Clients Say

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