Wordpress Always A Security Risk

Written by Vincent Gisriel III on July 11, 2013

Here is yet another reason why we choose to build our websites exclusively on Adobe Business Catalyst. A few weeks ago it was announced that version 3.5.2 of Wordpress had been released to fix seven security issues and 12 bugs for Wordpress 3.5. If you are a business owner with a Wordpress website, that means security is a constant worry. Wordpress is an open source platform. Your web designer must continuously pay strict attention to patches and updates to keep your website safe. With Business Catalyst, all of your security worries are over. Adobe automatically updates their Business Catalyst websites on a continuous basis.

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  • We greatly appreciate the team at Sprout Creatives. They are quick to respond to any "website edits and multiple location changes”.

    Kelly Conklin
    Island Creamery

  • True web professionals! I highly recommend Sprout Creatives.

    Robert M. Montgomery
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  • Our family here at Sprazzo Cucina Italiana wanted to express our overwhelming excitement for the new website you Sprouted for us.

    Stephen & Odilia Chinelli

  • You have proven to be extremely professional and astute in your knowledge of web design and brand building.

    Joe Spinelli
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