Why is Responsive Website Design important for your business?

Written by Vincent Gisriel III on November 05, 2014

Why is Responsive Website Design important for your business?

As professional web developers, we see all types of businesses that have yet to upgrade to responsive website design for their customers. Responsive websites adapt to the screen size of the devices your potential customers or guests use to find your business. The use of mobile phones has increased so much that graphic and web designers now think about the mobile design and mobile functionality before they design the desktop version of their projects. In a recent report issued by Nielsen, “87% of smartphone and tablet owners are using their mobile devices to make restaurant or hotel reservations and for shopping related activities.” Not only are customers researching the companies that they want to spend their money with by checking prices and reading reviews, they are now actually spending their hard earned dollars on their mobile devices.

Here are some interesting facts about mobile phones, tablets and websites:

When your potential customers look at their mobile phones 110 times a day, don’t you want your website to look awesome? On the same note, if your business invested in a recurring Email marketing campaign you would be reaching your customers directly through their mobile devices immediately. We help many types of businesses including home builders and restaurants manage Email marketing campaigns. We can even send your key employees a text message on their mobile device when a new hot lead comes in from your website.

Here is a quick test you can take to see where you stand. Take your smartphone out of your pocket and check out your website. Then check out some of your competitor’s websites.

Don’t worry if your website is outdated and almost impossible to navigate on your phone because we specialize in responsive website design. Each and every website that we develop has automatic responsive design. We approach all of our projects with a consultative mindset. Our job is to learn as much about your business and your customer base so that we can implement comprehensive solutions to help you succeed on the web. To set up an appointment and learn how Sprout Creatives can help your business, email us at or call our office at 410.973.2128

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