Adobe Business Catalyst vs. WordPress Part 2

Adobe Business Catalyst vs. WordPress Part 2

Written by Vincent Gisriel on Mar 24, 2017

Alright, so the most popular website platform called WordPress recently suffered a huge blow in the security department. Recently, over two million web pages were hacked on over 39,000 separate domain names hosted on WordPress. Being the most popular doesn’t automatically make you the most secure, the most valuable or even an appreciating asset. WordPress was originally created to be a blog site. WordPress is FREE open source platform meaning that the code written to run and fix these constant updates comes from literally all over the world. Developers actually hand over their talented code and programming for FREE to the WordPress community. Now, it appears hackers have found a way to install a hidden backdoor and gain full access to victim’s servers who have trusted their information of a WordPress website platform.

According to both Website Magazine and BleepingComputer "Attackers have reportedly defaced over 39,000 domains(2 million pages). It appears that attacks on WordPress sites using a vulnerability in the REST API have risen. Initial attacks using the WordPress REST API flaw were reported on February 6, 2017 by web security firm Sucuri, who said four groups of attackers defaced over 67,000 pages. This number grew to over 100,000 pages the next day, but according to a report from fellow web security firm WordFence, these numbers have skyrocketed to over 2 million pages, as there are now 20 hacking groups involved in a defacement turf war."

Adobe Business Catalyst has proven for our web design studio to be the best website platform on the market. Our clients never have to worry about security breaches, strange virus attacks or adding new plug-ins because we have an entire team of Adobe engineers and programmers working behind the scenes to make their websites stronger. We admit our websites cost a premium to host. But, this monthly investment saves our clients literally thousands of dollars down the road. Our clients have trusted us with their valuable content and in some cases with the integrity of their entire online business. It is for this reason, we have choosen Adobe Business Catalyst as our partner to keep their vital information safe and secure.

When have you ever heard of a website appreciating in value rather than depreciating?

Well, an Adobe Business Catalyst website does just that because their team of programmers are constantly adding new features, improvements for SEO and protecting the safety of your website around the clock. There is even a website where you can see the progress of all the programmers hard work and the actual Adobe Business Catalyst system status is updated every 60 seconds. What other website platform offers this type of peace of mind?

If these words of logic are grabbing your attention, we would like to welcome you to the worry-free world of Sprout Creatives. We know anyone can build a website but we are going to help grow your business and keep all your valuable assets safe from the attackers and the hackers.

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Adobe Business Catalyst vs. WordPress Part 2

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