Adobe Business Catalyst vs. Wordpress CMS

Adobe Business Catalyst vs. Wordpress CMS

Written by Vincent Gisriel on Apr 24, 2013

Business Catalyst vs Wordpress

Often times when we reach the proposal stage on a website project here at Sprout Creatives, we are asked why we chose to build our websites on Adobe Business Catalyst instead of an open-source platform like Wordpress. The first thing we explain is that comparing Business Catalyst to Wordpress is like, pardon the cliche, comparing apples to oranges. Wordpress is simply a content management system (CMS) based around a blog platform. Business Catalyst is a CMS and many other systems rolled up into one easy-to-use platform. Let us explain the difference between the two platforms.

An open-source CMS does not mean that it is free. It simply means that the source of the application or software is freely shared on the Internet so that users can collaboratively help move the product along with technology. Wordpress is an open-source Content Management System. 

Software as a Service or SaaS is a privately held software package or program that offers users limited control of its core functionality to insure the security of its crucial data. Adobe Business Catalyst is a comprehensive example of Software as a Service. The quality of a SaaS is determined by the integrity of the company that creates, updates and hosts that system which in our case that is Adobe. When we build websites that function as online businesses, the security of that financial information which is collected and transferred is of the upmost importance. Business Catalyst is a SaaS software combination that has a content management system, a customer relationship management system, Ecommerce, E-mail marketing, analytics and hosting all in one easy to use dashboard. No more remembering multiple logins.

The serious benefits of Business Catalyst revolve around customer relationship manager, built-in modules, custom database applications, updates, email marketing, E-commerce, hosting and support.

  • Business Catalyst websites are hosted securely through Adobe and come with continuous ongoing upgrades. This means you don't have to pay your web guy to keep installing patches or security updates. POP3 or IMAP email accounts are available, with a Webmail option for on the road.
  • Business Catalyst sites include features that are useful and reliable. They include modern modules for photo galleries, news, event bookings and more.
  • Adobe handles all of the technical updates. When a new version of Business Catalyst is released, these updates are automatically added to your website at no additional cost. 
  • Business Catalyst will grow your business with email newsletters, auto-responders, birthday emails and more.
  • With Business Catalyst, you can sell products and collect payments online with a variety of payment gateways.
  • Unlike an open-source Wordpress site where the support is handled by the free society on the Internet, Business Catalyst is supported by the leading web development software company, Adobe.

Wordpress was initially built to only function as a blogging engine. Wordpress does not offer any of the features above or update itself automatically without paying a web developer. A Wordpress site can be extremely costly when it comes to adding these features and updates because to a website design firm that type of work falls under billable labor. On a Wordpress site, the client will have to pay for hosting, E-mail marketing, CRM, updates and security upgrades. These prices can vary depending on which company the designer attaches to the website. Every time the designer spends time working on a Wordpress site, the client will most likely receive another invoice. A Wordpress website will always stay the same unless you pay someone to add a feature or security update.

A Wordpress website is a proven depreciating asset where as a Business Catalyst website will increase in value as time passes.

With Adobe Business Catalyst, all of the features and upgrades are included in an extremely reasonable monthly subscription fee. This type of subscription ends up saving our clients money in the long run and provides a quality product on a more secure software system. That is why we choose Adobe Business Catalyst over every other open-source content management system on the market.

If you'd like to know whether switching over from Wordpress to Adobe Business Catalyst would benefit your company, feel free to contact us and we'll discuss with you whether the move would be viable and beneficial for your business.

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Adobe Business Catalyst vs. Wordpress CMS

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